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Theology and Idolatry

November 8, 2005 | 25 comments

Let me present a sketch–though only a sketch and a very broad one at that–of how one might think about theology, both about a problem with it and one of the possible responses to that problem. Read more »

Someone’s got it in for me, they’re planting stories in the press

October 26, 2005 | 15 comments

I see that Slate now puts the odds of Harriet Miers confirmation at 70%. Silly Slate, don’t they know that niche is taken? As I’ve mentioned before, the best bet, literally, is to follow the gamblers. And as of press time, they are betting that Miers has a 3 in 10 chance of making it to the Big Bench. Want a second opinion? It’s pretty much the same as the first. Read more »

Thinking about the Trinity

October 20, 2005 | 74 comments

It is hardly news to this crowd that Mormons don’t accept the traditional understanding of the Godhead, the Trinity. Read more »

Health Care: What to Do?

September 15, 2005 | 121 comments

This from a new report by the Kaiser Family Foundation and the Health Research Educational Trust: “The average cost of health insurance for a family of four has soared past $10,800 — exceeding the annual income of a minimum-wage earner, according to a survey released Wednesday.” Read more »

I Shall Be Free

July 19, 2005 | 25 comments

I got my bill today and it turns out that there really is something cheaper than a Germanist these days. Read more »

The happiest place on Earth

June 24, 2005 | 31 comments

is Ireland.* Really. Read more »

Think, Brethren, Think!

June 14, 2005 | 22 comments

Brigham Young has many wonderful tidbits scattered throughout his years as prophet. A friend pointed out the following snippet: Read more »

Ricoeur Dies

May 23, 2005 | 4 comments

Paul Ricoeur, Christian philosopher, friend of Emmanuel Levinas, colleague of Jacques Derrida, is dead. Read more »

Mormons and Markets, II.A: Information and the Failure of the United Order, an Addendum

May 23, 2005 | 6 comments

Consider this an addendum to Nate’s post on the catastrophically large amounts of information needed to plan an economy. Read more »

The Order of Things

April 24, 2005 | 27 comments

My discussion of belief and practice has in its background a larger discussion concerning what it means to be religious. Read more »

Belief and Practice

April 24, 2005 | 7 comments

I have been carrying on an argument with Nate on one of his posts (## 5 and 7) and in his responses to one of Blake’s posts ( #23) –sort of. Read more »

6.6 Billion

April 19, 2005 | 21 comments

According to the IRS, the federal tax code uses up 6.6 billion hours of time for people and businesses to fill out their tax forms. Now, to tell the truth, I sort of like doing my taxes. The numbers are easy to deal with, I often get money back, and it convinces my wife that I am still a net benefit to the household. Read more »

The Sway of Philosophy

March 17, 2005 | one comment

As I see students get excited about Heidegger or Wittgenstein or some other philosopher and the insights into their own lives and the gospel that come with that excitement, I remember my first year or so in graduate school. Read more »

How much is it worth?

February 14, 2005 | 44 comments

Suppose you think the world would be a better place if there were no Walmarts in your town. Then the next question is, suppose you could live in the world where Walmart was not allowed, but you had less money. Read more »

Toward a Theology of Supermarkets

February 13, 2005 | 24 comments

If you are looking for a morally, philosophically, and theologically fascinating place, I can think of few locations in contemporary life that can compare to the supermarket. Read more »

Joseph Smith, Justice Frankfurter and the Great Writ

January 28, 2005 | 31 comments

It is time for the post that you have all been waiting for, the one of the place of Mormonism in habeas corpus jurisprudence. Read more »

The English Nature of the Mormon Constitution

January 24, 2005 | 96 comments

The Church has a certain amount of constitutional law, by which I mean norms and rules that govern and control its institutional structure. What is the nature of this constitutional law? I would submit that the Church ends up being more English than American. Priesthood quorums illustrate why this is so. Read more »

Petitionary Prayer

December 26, 2004 | 32 comments

If we remember that the Father already knows our needs and desires, then the idea of prayer is strange. Read more »

How Corporations Saved the United Order (kind of)

December 23, 2004 | 9 comments

One of the great advantages of blogging is that you can ramble on regardless of whether or not what you are saying is of any interest to anyone else. Hence this post. I feel it is time that we had the discussion that you have all be waiting for: The one on real estate leases, corporate law, and the United Order. Read more »

Mormon Masculinity

December 8, 2004 | 106 comments

An exercise in historical imagination, if you please: you’re sitting in the tabernacle on a hot Sunday afternoon, Brother Brigham at the pulpit. Read more »

In Defense of Suing Before the Ungodly

November 30, 2004 | 38 comments

I recently had dinner with a good friend, who, according to his former doctor, is going to hell. Read more »

LDS Perspectives on the Law: Part II

November 24, 2004 | 10 comments

I think that there are basically three ways in which law and Mormonism can shed light on one another. Read more »

Plainness and Ornament

November 24, 2004 | 21 comments

With many other Christian traditions, we share the admonition to plainness in speech and other aspects of life: “Let all thy garments be plain, and their beauty the beauty of the work of thine own hand” (D&C 42:40) Read more »

Interpreting Scripture

November 15, 2004 | 23 comments

Joe Spencer, Blake Ostler, Larry, and Ivan Wolfe have started talking about the interpretation of scripture on the thread on pride. Read more »