A Book Announcement

I’m excited to announce that I have a book about the Doctrine and Covenants that is scheduled to be published by By Common Consent Press this December!

Back in 2021, I spent most of the year on Times and Seasons writing essays that reflected on the Doctrine and Covenants while we were working through the “Come, Follow Me” curriculum for that year. The results varied from musing on interpretation of the revelations and other texts based on context, examining the ideas portrayed in the sections and how they have evolved in the Church since the time the revelations were recorded, stories from Church history that were related to the revelations or the things they taught, thinking through some of my own concerns, etc. Those essays—along with a few others that I wrote before and since (including an essay or two that have not been published before)—form the basis of the book, though I have worked to incorporate new information that I have discovered since I initially wrote the essays. I am proud of the results and hope that you will enjoy them as well!

(As an aside, one essay that will not be found in the book is one that was focused on Section 132: “There is never but one on the earth at a time.” The reason that is not included is actually another exciting thing for me—a revised and expanded version of that essay has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Mormon History.)

Thanks to the volunteer efforts of a small army of editors at BCC Press, the book is on track for publication in December 2024, just in time for the next round of “Come, Follow Me” that focuses on the Doctrine and Covenants!

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  1. By Common Consent! Traitor!

    Seriously though, good work. And many thanks to the BCCers who put in the time to make things like your book happen.

  2. This is exciting—I look forward to purchasing a copy—make sure to add a link when it becomes available. Congratulations!

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