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Ein Ruf aus der Wüste 4.9: Orson Hyde on blessing and baptizing children

This short sections feels quite familiar.

Article 9.

The treatment of children in relation to the church.

It is an indispensable duty of parents, imposed on them by the strictest bonds of nature and by the express word of the Lord, to raise their children in virtue and righteousness and to instill in their tender souls the true principles of piety and religion. All parents in our church who neglect these duties to their children are considered to be members acting contrary to the law and are admonished and treated accordingly.

All children who have been properly brought up and instructed and have thus reached their eighth year are considered at this time to have come to the knowledge of good and evil and are therefore capable of exercising faith and having remorse for theirs sins. Therefore they are baptized at this age and confirmed as members of the Church; and not sooner.

All those children who are under eight years of age and whose parents belong to our congregation must be brought to our church, where the elders lay their hands on them and bless them in the name of the Lord and consecrate them to the service of the Most High. (But no sprinkling with water takes place.)

Since a creature is considered responsible only for the real transgressions that it committed itself, and since sin is only attributed where a law was given — then a little unthinking child, susceptible to no law, has full claim to immortality and eternal life (“because for such,” says Christ, “is the kingdom of heaven”) through the merit of the death of our Savior. And this right can only be forfeited by the transgression of a law that is known when they have reached the age of reason, and such a transgression of the law mentioned makes repentance and baptism necessary for the remission of sins.

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