Quodlibet: Vaccination

Whereas disease, as now with COVID-19,

  1. causes death to many and harm to many more, and
  2. worsens poverty and hunger even among those it does not strike directly, and
  3. causes fear in those who await infection and its consequences, and
  4. inflicts sorrow and grief on those who lose family and beloved friends;

while Jesus, in His atoning mercy

  1. brought salvation from the death of the body through the Resurrection, and
  2. brought bodily healing to those who believed on Him, and continues to do so through the miracle of faith and the ministrations of the priesthood, and
  3. brought relief from hunger to those in need, and enjoins His disciples to do the same today, and
  4. commanded His disciples likewise to serve the poor, the ailing, and the widowed, and
  5. laid down His life to bring about these things;

and seeing that

  1. diligent and humble application of the scientific method prepares the mind to receive inspiration from the Holy Ghost, and
  2. medicine and vaccination are blessings that prevent death, restore health, offer release from fear and sorrow, and avert harm and poverty, and
  3. doctors and health care workers risk and have sacrificed their lives to heal the ill;


  1. those who deny the severity of disease, as now with COVID-19, and
  2. those who flout measures to diminish the spread of infection, and
  3. those who refuse to accept vaccination in themselves or in their children, and
  4. those who promote falsehoods about the ingredients, intentions, or consequences of vaccination

deny the saving offering of Jesus and violate His commandments to His disciples and thus bring themselves under condemnation and risk of hellfire;


those who continue in such wickedness after having received a full knowledge of their false actions, whether in willful ignorance, for payment, or in pursuit of ungodly amusement, deny the Holy Ghost and shall have no forgiveness, neither in this world nor in the world to come.

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