I’m not big on religious holidays. I know some look at all the holy days of Catholicism or similar faiths with envy. I don’t. I’m definitely a minimalist when it comes to religious days. Yet since the first day I arrived in Utah it has struck me as odd how minor a day Easter is. Spring break never coordinates with Easter. Friday and Monday aren’t holidays. Very little religiously is done over Easter unless General Conference is on Easter.


Easter should be our biggest holiday. Far bigger than Christmas or especially Halloween. The events of Easter are the core of our religion. It remains a mystery to me how we really don’t treat it that way.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying the fun family elements of Easter should be expanded. I love easter egg hunts, chocolate rabbits, colored eggs and more. They’re really not Easter and can obscure what Easter is about. At Christmas I don’t mind it as much as we do have nativity scenes everywhere. Somehow Easter though just seems more minor. I don’t understand why socially we treat it that way.

If there’s one thing I wish Pres. Nelson would do would be to expand our Easter celebrations and center the year around Easter religiously. I think we can do that without necessarily borrowing heavily from Catholicism, where arguably Easter is central. I don’t think we need embrace remnants from medieval Christianity to make Easter an important part of our lives. We do have to do something more than we’re doing right now though.

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