Author: Margaret Young

Margaret Young blogged at Times and Seasons from 2006 to 2007. She has written several novels (6) and short story collections (2) and is currently working on a documentary about Black Latter-day Saints with Richard Dutcher. She is married to Bruce Young and has four children and two grandchildren.

Mother’s Blessings

Last Saturday, I had lunch with my oldest daughter and her best friend, Adrea, who happens to be my best friend’s oldest daughter. My friend, Buffy, and I went through our first pregnancies laughing at ourselves and at each other,…

To accompany Kaimi’s post

How about lyrics which folks (especially children) often mis-hear? My mother was terribly ashamed of her parents when she saw that cherries were included for Sunday lunch, since they had just sung, “Cherries hurt you, cherries hurt you…” (Cherish virtue…)

Working with Darius

Alas, my other lives (teacher, wife, mother, producer [for the moment] and writer) are calling me, so I will contribute less frequently to T&S and other blogs–though this has been really fun. I promised to publish a post about writing…