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The Problems of Mormon-American Toryism

August 23, 2005 | 33 comments

Being an American Mormon makes it difficult, perhaps impossible, for me to be a tory. Read more »

From the Archives: A Mormon Studies Family

August 19, 2005 | one comment

Both of my parents (now divorced) have been deeply involved in Mormon studies for my entire life. (more…) Read more »

Dallin, Sandra and the Supreme Court

August 18, 2005 | 16 comments

Sandra Day O’Connor has retired from the Supreme Court and John Roberts will almost certainly replace her. History might have been different. Read more »

“Why Universal Love is Creepy,” or “Thoughts on Disliking my Investigators”

August 18, 2005 | 34 comments

I find the universal love of mankind a little creepy. Read more »

Complicity and Consequences

August 15, 2005 | 52 comments

I know some people who assiduously avoid buying Nike shoes. The moral logic of this position, however, is tricky. Read more »

DC Get Together Tomorrow

August 12, 2005 | 2 comments

If you are interested, email Read more »

An Open Letter to the Dialogue Board

August 11, 2005 | 178 comments

August 11, 2005 To Whom It May Concern: I hope that you will not find an unsolicited letter presumptuous, but I wanted to give you my thoughts on what I see as Dialogue’s problems and some things it could do to improve. Read more »

DC Get Together Reminder

August 10, 2005 | 4 comments

This Saturday at 5pm in Springfield, Virginia. If you are interested in coming, please email me at I will send details and directions via email. Read more »

Dating, Jane Austen, and the Virtues of Chastity

August 10, 2005 | 78 comments

Like most rugged and red-blooded American men I have long enjoyed the work of Jane Austen. Read more »

Manners, Race, and Respect

August 6, 2005 | 34 comments

I have always thought that one of the most telling and subtlety vicious aspect of segregation was the fact that a white person regardless of age or economic status could always call a black person, regardless of age or economic status, “boy” or “girl.” Read more »

From the Archives: Mormon Lawyers

August 5, 2005 | no comments

Despite Brigham’s frequent attacks on the profession, there are a lot of Mormon lawyers. Some LDS thinkers have posited all sorts of troubling reasons why this is so. Nibley sees it as a symptom of moral decline, and I have repeatedly seen it used as evidence of excessive Mormon materialism or anti-intellectualism. However, today I realized that it might be about something else entirely: book binding. (more…) Read more »

Lincoln on Blood Atonement

August 4, 2005 | 8 comments

Today on my way to work, I passed by the Lincoln Memorial where the great man’s sermon on blood atonement is inscribed in marble. Read more »

DC Get Together

August 3, 2005 | 16 comments

Bloggernaclites! For those in the Washington, D.C. area there is going to be a get together at Casa Oman (sans, alas, Heather and Jacob, the more interesting Omans) on Saturday, August 13th beginning at about 5pm-ish. It will be a bring your own food kind of BBQ. I will provide watermelon, drinks, and fresh salsa from the Oman garden. If you are interested in attending, please email me at I will send out an email with directions. UPDATE: I have changed the email address to a functional account. Sorry to anyone who tried to send an email to... Read more »

On the Possibilities of Kitsch

August 3, 2005 | 19 comments

OK. I don’t want to go to film school any more. Read more »

I Want to Go to Film School

August 2, 2005 | 35 comments

My wonderful wife, She Who Must Be Obeyed, as left me. Read more »

Persecuted Mormons and Market Definitions

August 2, 2005 | 13 comments

OK, lets talk about antitrust law and the plight of persecuted Mormons. Read more »

Boris and Brigham

August 1, 2005 | 9 comments

I don’t often read novels, but after making it through the most recent Harry Potter, I thought I would try slumming it in fiction for awhile. Read more »

Who Reads This Thing?

August 1, 2005 | 25 comments

Among my other glories, I am an assistant ward clerk. Read more »

Living in the Opinions of Others

July 27, 2005 | 29 comments

I have a confession: I don’t much care about what the people in my ward think about me. I feel guilty about this. Read more »

History, Objectivity, and Stalin’s Toes

July 26, 2005 | 10 comments

In times past, Mormon intellectualdom has been much exercised over the issue of objectivity and the writing of history. By and large, I think that these debates have focused on the wrong issues. Stalin’s toes help to illustrate one of the reasons why. Read more »

My School

July 25, 2005 | 98 comments

I did not want to go to BYU. Read more »

John Roberts and Mormon Theology

July 22, 2005 | 19 comments

For those who haven’t noticed, John Roberts has been nominated to the U.S. Supreme Court. The next obvious question is what does his jurisprudence tell us about Mormon theology. Read more »

Three Generations of Mormon Legal History

July 19, 2005 | 7 comments

Okay, it is time for another post on Mormon legal history. This one is on the state of the field and where we go from here. Read more »

How Reed Smoot Restored what Winston Churchill had Preserved

July 15, 2005 | 12 comments

It is hard not to admire Winston Churchill. Read more »


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