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NBA strikes deal with LDS Church for Jabari Parker

April 1, 2014 | 49 comments
Jabari Parker

Today the NBA announced a landmark agreement with the LDS Church to ensure that Jabari Parker’s desire to serve a mission does not interfere with his draft prospects, saying the church has agreed to their proposal to call Parker to serve as a missionary in the city of the NBA team that drafts him.  While the official statement is brief, sources close to the negotiations report that because the NBA considers Parker to be a certain star, league officials, including new commissioner Adam Silver, went to unprecedented lengths to ensure that Parker enters this year’s draft. The deal stipulates that Elder... Read more »

Guest blogger: Nathaniel Givens

December 12, 2012 | 2 comments

After much prodding from the folks here at Times & Seasons, circumstances have finally led Nathaniel Givens to accept our invitation to guest blog.  Lurking on the bloggernacle for years, he says, made him realize that his ideas aren’t getting any fresher.  So, finding himself with a surplus of unoccupied evenings (due to the necessity of working far from home), he discovered that now is the “later” he previously had in mind whenever he procrastinated the task of committing his ideas to digital paper, and he’s agreed to publish those ideas at T&S. Nathaniel earned a BS in mathematics... Read more »

BYU Man Whose Grades Your Grades Could Be Like

July 15, 2010 | 44 comments

This promotional video from BYU’s Harold Lee Library is so well done it deserves it’s own post at Times & Seasons.   That’s how good it is. Read more »

The Tebows and Other Good Omens

February 3, 2010 | 92 comments
The Tebows and Other Good Omens

I never expected to see the day that Kate Michelman, past president of NARAL, would write, “all sorts of well-educated and progressive people are comfortable calling themselves pro-life.” Michelman’s opinion piece in the Washington Post is fascinating not only for her openly acknowledging the eroding support for her movement (she says recent polls shows 51% of Americans identify with the label “pro-life” and only 44% with “pro-choice”; the pro-life number would be a historical high), but by how hamstrung she feels defending abortion. She attributes the shift in public opinion primarily to technological progress: “cience played a big role,... Read more »

Let not thy left hand know that thy light so shines before men

November 5, 2009 | 20 comments

For over a year I’ve wanted to write a substantive post about the contradiction between two of the best-known biblical injunctions, “let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth” and “let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works.” Read more »

Prop 8 Likely to Pass

November 5, 2008 | 163 comments

I haven’t found a news organization that’s called Prop 8 yet, and CNN’s exit polling showed it failing 48%-52%, but my county-by-county analysis of the remaining vote indicates that it will likely pass. With 93.6% of precincts reporting state wide, Prop 8 is leading by 406,519 votes (4.1%), and almost all of the precincts yet to be tallied are in counties that have favored Prop 8 by good margins. Read more »

Calendar Guy indicates he’ll sue BYU for degree he earned

October 21, 2008 | 129 comments

BYU recently chose to rescind the diploma of Chad Hardy, the missionary calendar guy, because he was excommunicated from the church between the time he earned his degree and the graduation ceremony. Read more »

The Largest Spider Web in Utah

April 29, 2008 | 28 comments
The Largest Spider Web in Utah

Well, probably not. But it’s certainly the biggest web I’ve ever seen, and it happens to be in my front yard so I’m especially…interested.  Read more »

Mormon Church and Utah Politics

January 19, 2008 | 40 comments

Wilfried noted this article, which says, Before each general session, GOP and Democratic leaders in the House and Senate sit down separately with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints special affairs committee, a group made up of church general authorities, church public relations officials and their lobbyists, to discuss any items on the minds of both legislators and church leaders. Does anyone know what other groups legislators of both parties meet with, to discuss issues of concern? Do the GOP and Democratics leaders in South Carolina have combined meetings with the Southern Baptist Convention? Read more »

From the Archives: Christmas Cigarettes

December 11, 2007 | 25 comments

Imagine that universally-respected researchers had determined that most of the people in your community eat too much sugar and fat, and are at serious risk of developing diabetes, hardened arteries, and other ailments associated with poor diet and inadequate exercise. Read more »

News and Commentary on Romney’s Speech

December 7, 2007 | 79 comments

As of this writing, Google News lists 769 newspaper reports about Mitt Romney’s speech yesterday, and 8,232 stories since yesterday containing the word “Mormon”. Please share your finds with the rest of us. Read more »

Mitt Romney’s Speech “Faith In America”: Your Reaction

December 6, 2007 | 191 comments

Thank you, Mr. President, for your kind introduction. Read more »

Mitt Romney’s Mormon Speech

December 3, 2007 | 44 comments

Mitt Romney has decided to formally address his Mormonism in a speech this Thursday. His campaign is stressing that he won’t be detailing Mormon doctrine, but speaking more broadly to the role of faith in America and in Mitt Romney. This speech will cause every major news organization on the planet to discuss Mormonism this week, with coverage that may exceed even that of the Salt Lake City Olympics, where Mormonism appeared only as a local interest sub-story. This week Mormonism will be at the center. Over the next week we will offer threads about the speech, commentary and... Read more »

The Joy of God

November 16, 2007 | 21 comments

In Moses 7, Enoch sees God weep because of the wickedness and suffering of his children. When does God’s weeping end? Read more »

Evans Political Bull-Bear Political Indicator: October 2007

October 19, 2007 | 12 comments

Here are today’s Evans Bull-Bear Political Indicators. Read more »

Critics pan “September Dawn”

August 27, 2007 | 66 comments

New York Post: “‘September Dawn’ succeeds completely at failure; the unified incompetence of its writing, directing and acting suggest a man who manages to be on fire and drowning at the same time, just as the bus runs him over.” New York Daily News: “‘September Dawn,’ written by an evangelical Christian, may be the worst historical drama ever made.” New York Times: “The maudlin, grotesque western ‘September Dawn,’ . . . apes ‘Schindler’s List’ in hopes of creating a Christian Holocaust picture.” Read more »

Evans Political Bull-Bear Indicator: August 2007

August 21, 2007 | 74 comments

The people who bet money on their ability to predict political events are bullish on Mitt Romney. Read more »

How Much Should We Advantage Our Kids Over Others?

August 9, 2007 | 100 comments

When asked why they aren’t more generous with their time or money, many people answer that if they gave more, it would be at the expense of their own children. Sure, the argument goes, it would be great if I could pay an extra $100 to provide immunizations for kids in Africa, but my first duty is to my family, and giving that $100 for immunizations would prevent me from taking my kids to the water park. Read more »

Why Haven’t You Adopted an Orphan Child?

August 8, 2007 | 126 comments
Why Haven’t You Adopted an Orphan Child?

For years I’ve been torn by the knowledge that there are thousands of orphaned or abandoned children desperate to be welcomed into a family like mine and our reasons for “passing by on the other side” when we see the “least of these.” Read more »

Holding Conference in an Undedicated Building

April 1, 2007 | 20 comments

I was surprised that the Saturday Afternoon session, held in the tabernacle, was nearly over before the tabernacle was dedicated. I had expected the dedication at the beginning, perhaps even before the official start of the session. If there’s no problem or benefit to having General Conference in a dedicated building, why was the tabernacle dedicated at all? Anyone know the rationale? Read more »

Testimony Meeting

March 4, 2007 | 53 comments

In our testimony meeting today, a visitor mildly scolded our ward for a minute-plus silence between testimonies. Read more »

Utah Legislature aims to challenge Roe v. Wade

February 1, 2007 | 102 comments

“We’re talking about preserving the sanctity of human life. The state of Utah should lead the charge.” Read more »

Christmas Traditions

December 1, 2006 | 26 comments

Our family has two fun holiday traditions worth spreading. Read more »

“John, you’ve prepared for this your whole life”

November 26, 2006 | 16 comments

My brothers, dad and I got together to watch the BYU-Utah game yesterday. With only three seconds left, down by four and needing a touchdown, BYU called a timeout to plan their final play. Not since 2003 had a college football team won on the last play of regulation. Everyone at our party was too excited and anxious to sit down, and we publicly wondered at the intensity the players must be feeling. After the game, BYU quarterback John Beck was asked what he was thinking as he walked on the field after the timeout. “I took a deep... Read more »