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An undiscovered continent

March 3, 2005 | 14 comments

Overheard in passing — “No, no, we’re an archipelago. Not like those monolithic group blogs. We’re not Wal-mart or Target; we’re a mere loose association of web sites. It’s not like we have a group web page or anything . . .” . . . Welcome to the dark side, boys. Read more »

Gizoogling Times and Seasons

March 2, 2005 | 16 comments

Do you ever find yourself wondering, “whizzay is a Proclamizzles anyway?” Did you ever want to read lines like “England took tha position that tha marriage relatizzles in tha Celestial Kingdom wizzle be monogizzle not polygizzles”? Or want to hear Nate Oman wax eloquent “In Memory of tha Metaphysizzle Elda”? You’re in luck. Read more »

Self-Aware Blogging?

March 1, 2005 | 21 comments

There’s a new meme in the bloggernacle, and it’s self-awareness. The folks over at Various Stages are discussing the concept of self-consciousness (with some input from itinerant philosophers). Meanwhile, Ebenezer is wondering (in between some scandalous confessions about kissing) exactly how and why we construct our own bloggernacle identities. Finally, Geoff has a heartfelt post asserting a claim with which I wholeheartedly agree: God reads the bloggernacle. It’s an interesting confluence of posts: Are we self-aware? Should we be self-aware as we blog? Is God watching us? Should he be? Should we be “ourselves” on our blogs? Or is... Read more »

The Proclamation’s Establishment of an Entitlement to a Family

February 28, 2005 | 53 comments

Yes, we’re talking about the Proclamation again. Please set aside, for a moment, gender issues. Please set aside as well the interesting interpretational questions (what is a Proclamation, anyway? what kind of normative force does it carry?) except as necessary to focus on what is, to me, the single most startling and loaded phrase in the entire document. I’m talking about this sentence: Children are entitled to birth within the bonds of matrimony, and to be reared by a father and a mother who honor marital vows with complete fidelity. Read more »

Welcome Guest Blogger Kevin Barney

February 28, 2005 | 7 comments

We’re happy to announce another guest blogger, Kevin Barney. Kevin practices public finance law in Chicago. He served a mission in Colorado (’77-’79), received his undergraduate degree in classics from BYU (’82), his JD from the University of Illinois (’85) and an LLM from DePaul University (’90). He has published a couple of dozen articles, mostly on topics relating to LDS scripture, in such venues as the Journal of Book of Mormon Studies, Dialogue, The Ensign, FARMS Review and BYU Studies, and he is working on a book entitled Footnotes to the New Testament for Latter-day Saints, scheduled to... Read more »

Fun with Foreign Languages

February 25, 2005 | 50 comments

My children like to cheer for the Yankees. The two major cheers of choice are “Let’s Go Yankees” and “Red Sox Stink.” And recently, my son Sullivan has asked how to say those phrases in other languages. I’ve been able to help him out with Spanish — “Vamanos Yankees” and “Calcetines Rojas Huelen” (translating “Sox” as “socks”). However, he routinely asks me how to say these phrases in other languages — Russian, Chinese, French, German, and so on . . . pretty much every language he’s ever heard of, and he’s heard of a lot. I can’t really help... Read more »

Snow on the Gates

February 25, 2005 | one comment

There’s snow on the Gates in Central Park. A number of photobloggers have captured images of this; see, for example, photos here, or here. The images bring to mind a stanza from a seldom-sung hymn: Pale through the gloom the newly fallen snow Wraps in a shroud the silent earth below As tho ’twere mercy’s hand had spread the pall, A symbol of forgiveness unto all. The Lord uses snow as a symbol of repentance: “Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow.” The... Read more »

Prayer Roll

February 25, 2005 | 3 comments

Geoff Johnston’s son is in the hospital after a serious accident. He’s hoping that bloggernackers can add his son to their prayers. I’m happy to oblige, myself, as well as pass this on to our readers. Read more »

How Much Message Board Crossover Is There?

February 24, 2005 | 25 comments

I just saw a comment at Amira’s that made me wonder just how much crossover there is between T & S readers and Message Board readers. I know that some regular participants here, like Grasshopper and Clark, also participate on different forums like FAIR Boards or Read more »

Passage of Hugh Nibley

February 24, 2005 | 80 comments
Passage of Hugh Nibley

Clark reports that Hugh Nibley has passed away. I thought we should announce this. I expect that some of my co-bloggers will have more eloquent things to say. I’ll only note that brother Nibley was a great scholar and a great man, and the world of Mormon Studies is smaller without him. Read more »

The Problem of Evangelical Anti-Mormon Arguments

February 24, 2005 | 24 comments

You’ve all seen them, spoken with them, discussed things with them. They’re your evangelical anti-Mormon friends, neighbors, classmates, co-workers, relatives. (Not to mention those random strangers who accost you as you go to the temple.) We get comments from these folks around here sometimes as well. I’ve always been a little surprised by the types of arguments put forth by evangelical anti-Mormons, because it seems to me that they prove too much. Evangelicals, it seems, are best at giving Mormons a strong reasons to become an atheist (or agnostic, or Unitarian). Read more »

Blogging as Home Teaching

February 23, 2005 | 27 comments

We don’t read the monthly Ensign message with you. We don’t start and end with prayer, and we’re unlikely to be much help if you need the sideboard moved into the dining room. But we talk together about church topics; we (sometimes!) check up on each other to see how others are doing; we make friends and provide support. We’re not called by the Elder’s Quorum president or given a formal route. But we’re likely to talk with each other a lot more than a regular home teacher ever does. And if the essence of home teaching is regular... Read more »

Fear of God

February 18, 2005 | 32 comments

We’re commanded in the scriptures to fear God. Why? What does this formulation mean, anyway? Read more »

Do Church Salaries Drive Mothers into the Workforce?

February 14, 2005 | 136 comments

My wife just mentioned this to me, and it has me wondering. If the church really wants mothers to stay at home, then why do many full-time church employees seem not to be paid enough to make that happen? Read more »


February 14, 2005 | 24 comments

Yes, Pink. Apparently the color scheme of at least one bloggernacle site is enough to deter workplace browsing. John F. writes that he cannot visit Feminist Mormon Housewives while at work, because “ I feel nervous about a fellow associate walking in (or a partner, for that matter) and seeing the hot pink and knowing what they are wondering.“ Read more »

A Verse for the p0rn Addict

February 13, 2005 | 50 comments

Here’s a verse for the poor slaves and servants to that vile master, p0rnography. Read more »

Thanks, Eric

February 8, 2005 | 5 comments

We’ve all enjoyed the posts by Eric James Stone, who has been our guest blogger for the past weeks. All good things must come to an end, however, Eric’s guest-blogging stint among them. Fortunately, you can still read Eric’s posts over at his own blog. And you can read some of his stories in print (1 and 2) as well. Read more »

Guest Blogging

February 6, 2005 | 14 comments

In a reversal of the usual pattern (T & S asking other bloggernackers to guest-blog), I’ve just had the chance to be a guest-blogger myself. Yep, I was asked if I would do a guest post over at Various Stages of Mormondom, on the interesting topic: “Is it hard for you to say you’re Mormon? What baggage comes with that label?” Here is my post as a guest blogger at Various Stages — T & S readers may find it interesting. And don’t forget to check out the rest of the posts there on the same topic (VSM has... Read more »

Interlocking directorates?

February 4, 2005 | 14 comments

With the recent proliferation of group blogs, we’ve got a very complicated, interlocking blogger chain going on here: Kristine blogs at T & S. And also at BCC, where Steve and Karen also blog. Steve and Karen also blog at Kulturblog, where Bryce also blogs. Bryce also blogs at Millennial Star, where Matt and Adam also blog. And Matt and Adam blog here at T & S — we’re back where we began! Plus, Russell and Greg also post at Kulturblog as well as T & S; plus, Steve and Karen (BCC/KB), Bryce (Ms. Tar/KB), Clark, Ben S., Ryan,... Read more »

From the Archives: Church Members and Financial Scams

February 4, 2005 | no comments

Following up on Nate’s good idea of links to posts that date to the early days of T & S (when we had very few readers), here is a post of my own from the early days of T & S, suggesting some possible reasons why church members seem to be unusually susceptible to financial scams. (continue to original post…) Read more »

Remember the Pain

February 3, 2005 | 21 comments

Alma has a great description of repentance. He writes: And now, behold, when I , I could remember my pains no more; yea, I was harrowed up by the memory of my sins no more. Is this a good thing? Read more »


February 2, 2005 | 2 comments

The new group blogs in the ‘nacle are positively hopping. At Various Stages, the VSOM-ers are discussing the topic “Is it hard for you to say you’re Mormon? What baggage comes with that label?” Becca F. launches the topic with characteristic aplomb, and Sara and Kaycee continue on the high notes. (And on the question, so far the jury is very much out — no two answers are the same or even all that similar.) Meanwhile, at Ms. Tar, Grasshopper asks whether revelation is really intended to answer questions, and Baron discusses the value of simple answers to complex... Read more »


February 1, 2005 | 12 comments

And speaking of other blogs, congratulations to our Blogscar* winners: Nate (Best Blogger), Kris and Jim (Best Posts, though Kris’s is at an unauthorized location). In the blogs category, congratulations as well, to Heather, Lisa, and, well, us. Yay, us! We rock! I’ll accept the award on behalf of the crew, and say that I’d like to thank my Mom, and Dad, and my old stake president, and my mission trainer, and Al Gore for inventing the internet so that we could blog in the first place, and my kids, and my co-bloggers, and my goldfish, and . .... Read more »

Eight Questions at BCC

February 1, 2005 | 4 comments

Steve Evans at BCC has just launched a groundbreaking new idea for the bloggernacle: Interviews with interesting LDS figures! He’s starting with an “Eight Questions” interview with Dr. Brian Birch, director of the Religious Studies program at UVSC. The interview is quite interesting. And as for the source of Steve’s trailblazing ingenuity . . . well, I think I can tell you this — Steve confided to me, he feels that that kind of good idea must have come from some higher power. Read more »