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Primary Lesson Supplements 26-28

July 2, 2006 | 2 comments

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Book Review: Contemporary Mormonism: Latter-day Saints in Modern America

July 2, 2006 | 13 comments

Today I abandon my personal policy of only writing book reviews that are, on balance, positive. Read more »

Pretty Please

June 28, 2006 | no comments

If any of you are familiar with the Morgan/Henefer/Coalville area of Utah and could recommend a place where two women, seven kids, and one husband along for the ride could meet up at a playground or similar, please email me. Read more »

Genealogy and Genetics

June 28, 2006 | 42 comments

BYU took advantage of me at a time in my life when I would have done almost anything for 10$. Read more »

More on Jesus’ Genealogy

June 27, 2006 | 11 comments

I posted previously on the women in Jesus’ genealogy but wanted to invite discussion on some other aspects of it. Read more »

Primary Lesson 25 Supplement

June 25, 2006 | one comment

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Movie Review: An Inconvenient Truth

June 20, 2006 | 96 comments

A review in four parts: Read more »

Primary Lesson Supplements 20-24

June 18, 2006 | 9 comments

I’ve been distributing weekly lesson supplements to our senior Primary teachers; I figured I might as well post them here. “Those might be of some use,” as my four-year-old would say. You can also use these ideas for FHE, Sharing Time, etc. Read more »

Tempted to Violate the Word of Wisdom

June 15, 2006 | 124 comments

When we think of temptations related to the Word of Wisdom, we usually think of, you know, being tempted to violate the WoW. But I can think of a few different WoW-related temptations. Read more »

Jesus’ Female Ancestors

June 13, 2006 | 33 comments

The first chapter of Matthew includes five women in Jesus’ genealogy. Why? Read more »

“Well, yes, actually, there is.”

June 11, 2006 | 18 comments

That’s not the answer you expect when you toss out the standard home/visiting teaching line asking if there is anything you can do to help your teachee. Read more »

Lots of Questions for Greg Whiteley

June 10, 2006 | 17 comments

“Probably the only people who are more lonely in an LDS ward than musicians who used to be almost-famous are filmmakers who never were”–Greg Whiteley, director of New York Doll. Read more »

Motherhood and Priesthood–Take 57!

May 21, 2006 | 151 comments

I think that motherhood and priesthood are parallel; I know that many of you don’t. And one argument against my position that I see frequently is that you need the cooperation of the opposite sex (not to mention the blessing of fertility) to be a mother but not to be a priesthood holder. I’ve never found that argument persuasive, but until now, I haven’t been able to articulate why. Read more »

The Life and Times of Carol Armga

May 4, 2006 | 6 comments

I’ll introduce our newest guest blogger by letting her introduce herself. Read more »

Out of Africa

April 30, 2006 | 8 comments

Nathan (enters, stage left): “Tell Simon that America is part of Texas!” Read more »

A Primary Primer

April 23, 2006 | 30 comments

I haven’t been in Primary very long, but it has been long enough to notice this: most adults could benefit from a few simple ideas that will make them much, much better at teaching a group of children. Read more »

The KJV: A Sealed Book?

April 20, 2006 | 146 comments

I’ve been teaching the second half of the Old Testament in Institute this semester. The KJV is a terrible obstacle to understanding the scriptures. Read more »

An Interview with Valerie Hudson

April 17, 2006 | 12 comments

BYU Political Science professor Valerie Hudson has been in the news lately as a result of her new book, Bare Branches. Read more »

An Open Letter to BYU Students

April 9, 2006 | 275 comments

On Tuesday, gay rights activists will, according to news reports, hold a rally on or near the BYU campus. How might you respond to this? Read more »

The Uses of Adversity

April 6, 2006 | 32 comments

The late Carlfred Broderick was a professor of Marriage and Family Therapy at USC as well as a Stake President. He may have been one of the most profound–not to mention funny–LDS thinkers of his generation. Read more »

Redeeming Judas?

April 6, 2006 | 32 comments

Today’s headlines contain news of a new gospel: The Gospel of Judas. Read more »

Hidden Treasures

April 1, 2006 | 9 comments

I just finished reading Mormon Lives: A Year in the Elkton Ward and–wow–what an amazing book. It reminds me of Saints Well Seasoned: Musings on How Food Nourishes Us–Body Heart, and Soul. Not only were both books quirky little takes on Mormonism, but neither seems to be very well known. What LDS titles do you think deserve more attention than they are getting? Read more »

Book Review: Celebrating Passover: A Guide to Understanding the Jewish Feast for Latter-day Saints

March 30, 2006 | 25 comments

Easter celebrations and the lack thereof have been a hot topic recently; if you want to add something to your celebration of this season, I highly recommend this book. Read more »

An Easter Activity for Family Home Evening

March 29, 2006 | 13 comments

I can’t take credit for this idea–these are sometimes called Resurrection Eggs and they’ve been around for a few years. Read more »