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Revelation 1:1-3

May 20, 2008 | 19 comments

So much for one post per chapter. Read more »

Revelation 21:10-21

May 16, 2008 | 52 comments

Before we begin, we need to begin at the beginning: Read more »

Let’s Prognosticate

May 15, 2008 | 71 comments

Gas prices. Food prices. Credit crisis. Recession. Iraq. Iran. Read more »

Food Storage Idea

May 14, 2008 | 26 comments

There’s a really good conversation about food storage over at MMW and I want to throw one more idea out there, because it hadn’t occurred to me until recently that the best place to do my food storage buying was the most expensive grocery store in town. Read more »


May 7, 2008 | 99 comments

If one more Mormon tells me to see Expelled, I am going to scream. Read more »

Mormons and Reality Shows

May 6, 2008 | 24 comments

Read and discuss. Read more »

How to read an “autobiographical novel”

April 15, 2008 | 27 comments

I have no idea. You tell me. Read more »

Some Thoughts about Provident Living

April 13, 2008 | 36 comments

Two questions, actually. Read more »

Marriott, Again

April 11, 2008 | 149 comments

I know we’ve had this conversation before, but . . . Read more »

Playing with Fire

March 22, 2008 | 24 comments
Playing with Fire

Read more »

More Mormon Urban Legends?

March 9, 2008 | 32 comments

How about the one about the frog in boiling water? Read more »

The Quote that Wouldn’t Die

March 9, 2008 | 74 comments

Remember that one about youth being generals in the war in heaven? Read more »

Homeschooling Kindergarten

March 5, 2008 | 54 comments

I’m frequently asked how to homeschool kindergarten, so I thought it might be useful to post it for future reference. Read more »

Book Review: Bound on Earth

February 22, 2008 | 10 comments

Angela Hallstrom’s debut novel, Bound on Earth, is worth reading. Read more »

Mothers Who Know: Homes and Temples

February 4, 2008 | 87 comments

In her General Conference address last Fall, President Beck said, “Growth happens best in a “house of order,” and women should pattern their homes after the Lord’s house (see D&C 109).” Read more »

Have an Average Day

January 17, 2008 | 20 comments

Read this (it’s short). Read more »

Thou Shalt Blog

December 15, 2007 | 49 comments

You heard it here first: a member of the Quorum of the Twelve has ordered you to blog about the Church. Read more »

What the Smith Boys Said This Year

December 14, 2007 | 28 comments

This year, Simon turned nine, Nathan turned six, and Truman turned three. For previous installments, see here, here, and here. Read more »

I Heart Rob Bell

December 10, 2007 | 11 comments

I have a theological crush (not to be confused with an intellectual crush or a garden variety crush) on Rob Bell. Read more »

Personal Note

December 3, 2007 | no comments

Read more »

Book Review: People of Paradox: A History of Mormon Culture

November 19, 2007 | 14 comments

People of Paradox is unusual: Givens sets out four major paradoxes in Mormon thought and then shows how various aspects of Mormon culture (the life of the mind, architecture, visual art, dance, film, etc.), at various moments in history, negotiate those dilemmas. Read more »

Children Are Not Optional

November 16, 2007 | 185 comments

Several women I know and like recently signed on to an anti-President-Beck’s-talk statement. Read more »

Publicizing Good Works

November 11, 2007 | 32 comments

Go read this. Then return and report. Read more »

Paradigms Lost and Found

November 9, 2007 | 49 comments

Ben called my attention to this discussion. David Bokovoy, who is working on a PhD in Hebrew Bible at Brandeis and is the CES director in Boston, sets out this argument: Read more »