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Missionary Food

January 10, 2007 | 63 comments

“Moulding Surprise” was a stomach-churning concoction of pasta, ketchup, shredded cheese, vinegar, and spices. Read more »

I’ll Go Where You Want Me to Go, Dear Lord

January 9, 2007 | 23 comments

Last week I had dinner with three other people at a law professors’ conference in Washington DC. Two of the other people are Mormons. The third is a friend and former colleague, the daughter of two avowed atheists. Read more »


January 1, 2007 | 15 comments

I had a revelation in Gospel Doctrine class yesterday. Read more »

Stump the Missionaries

October 15, 2006 | 69 comments

This afternoon, we had a family from our ward over for dinner. The missionaries were here, too. Read more »

Developing a Testimony of Modern Prophets

June 24, 2006 | 18 comments

I have a friend who is thinking about joining the Church, but he does not have a testimony of the prophet. Read more »

Nightline: “Gay Mormons Face Excommunication”

June 8, 2006 | 146 comments

Nightline‘s first segment tonight focused on gay Mormons. Read more »

The Da Vinci Code Movie: Better Than the Book

May 19, 2006 | 82 comments

My wife and I read The Da Vinci Code two years ago. Describing the book on T&S, I used "clumsy," "tedious," and "implausible" in one sentence. When I saw that the film was getting panned by the critics, I was not very excited about seeing it, but Friday is "date day" for my wife and me, and we decided to judge for ourselves. I thought the movie was better than the book. Much better. Read more »

Old Testament Humor

May 14, 2006 | 15 comments

How do we know that Jael, Heber’s wife, was very righteous? Read more »

Chapel Seating

May 4, 2006 | 80 comments

As a new member and as a missionary, I usually sat near the back of the chapel. Read more »


May 2, 2006 | 32 comments

I love the book of Fourth Nephi in the Book of Mormon, especially this verse: “And it came to pass that there was no contention in the land, because of the love of God which did dwell in the hearts of the people.” Read more »

The Sabbath as “Family Day”?

May 1, 2006 | 46 comments

Are we losing the battle for Sundays? Read more »

Marketing the Church

April 12, 2006 | 24 comments

Over on Conglomerate, Elizabeth Brown links to an article about the “Scum of the Earth Church” as an example of niche marketing. Read more »

Sunday Afternoon Session: Open General Conference Thread

April 2, 2006 | 73 comments

Ok, here’s the last session for this General Conference. It’s been fun. Read more »

Sunday Morning Session: Open General Conference Thread

April 2, 2006 | 74 comments

Welcome to the second day of General Conference. President Hinckley, President Faust, and Elders Oaks, Ballard, Wirthlin, Scott, Holland, and Uchtdorf have yet to address a general session this year, so there is a lot to look forward to today. Read more »

Priesthood Session: Open General Conference Thread

April 1, 2006 | 52 comments

I am not sure how an open thread on Priesthood Session will work, but let’s give it a try. I hope someone will provide summaries of the talks to provide a basis for the conversation. Read more »

Saturday Afternoon Session: Open General Conference Thread

April 1, 2006 | 128 comments

Ready for Round Two? Here is the open thread for the Saturday afternoon session of General Conference. Read more »

Saturday Morning Session: Open General Conference Thread

April 1, 2006 | 107 comments

This is an open thread for discussions of the Saturday morning session of General Conference. Read more »

Watching General Conference

April 1, 2006 | 10 comments

Over the past few years, we have been watching General Conference at home. I know this is old hat in Utah and some other regions, but it’s a relatively recent innovation in the nether regions, enabled by the internet, satellite television, or certain cable providers. For families with children, General Conference in the home is a huge blessing, though sometimes I feel a bit of nostalgia for the old days. Read more »

Culture Shock: BYU

March 31, 2006 | 72 comments

Imagine an LDS woman, 18 years old, who has lived her entire life far from the centers of Mormonism. Next fall, she plans to attend BYU. What will she experience? Read more »

Inactivity & The Manhattan First Ward Choir

March 30, 2006 | 16 comments

I just checked, and my last post on T&S was in January. Although I have never experienced a period of prolonged inactivity in my Church life, this posting drought has caused me on more than one occasion to reflect on the state of mind of “believing inactives.” Read more »

“We did adequately apply oil to all the seats”

January 9, 2006 | 33 comments

The confirmation hearings for Judge Samuel Alito begin today. Read more »

What’s in a name?

January 5, 2006 | 60 comments

I am not Gordon Smith. My name is Doug. My father is Gordon. This is the story of why I am using his name. Read more »

Two Missionaries Shot in Virginia

January 4, 2006 | 26 comments

Last night, two Mormon missionaries were shot in Virginia. Morgan Winslow Young of Bountiful, Utah and Joshua Heidbrink of Greeley, Colorado were shot, and Elder Young died. Read more »

Discarding Limbo

December 27, 2005 | 6 comments

My mother was born to a Norwegian Lutheran, who feared for her infant children, lest they die prior to receiving the ordinance of baptism. I never knew my grandmother, but according to my mother, her fear was genuine. Read more »