Author: Adam G.

Husband, father, soldier, lawyer, reader, writer, gardener, dreamer. Adam co-founded Times and Seasons in 2003, and blogged here from 2003 to 2009. He currently blogs at Junior Ganymede and sometimes cross-posts at Times and Seasons.

Woefully Arrayed

Thanks to The Atlantic, I’m in the middle of reading the book From the Hook of Holland to the Horn of Constantinople. When the author was in his late teens in the early 30s, he decided on a whim to…

Falls, Gardens, Deaths

In New Mexico the weeks before Thanksgiving are High Fall, autumn in abundance, all gold colors and fruits. Thanksgiving is the high point of that season, and also its end. Then its sand hill crane season, Christmas, and winter.

Pioneer Children

A week has passed since Pioneer Day. I was moved by the memorials here and in my sacrament meeting, where the speakers called us to reflect on, in President Hinckley’s words, the “long shadow” the pioneers cast in which we…

The God We Hold Hostage

I and my good wife went to the temple last night. Through me, through Adam, through Christ, a 17th century Saxon named Christoph H. came into God’s presence. Or came closer to it, anyway.

Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Men

Our mission Christmases were mostly lonely times, but God gave us a gift on the second one. We had made little scrolls that we tied in red ribbon. On the scrolls we had printed a short message that said: “Silver…