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Mitt Romney’s Speech “Faith In America”: Your Reaction

December 6, 2007 | 191 comments

Thank you, Mr. President, for your kind introduction. Read more »

Christ for the Pagans

September 14, 2007 | 9 comments

A First Things writer reckons that the West needs a pagan revival before it can have a Christian revival. In Africa and in the ancient world, the theory goes, Christianity flourished because the people were afraid of the capricious spiritual powers and principalities and were glad to find refuge in a God who could love and be loved; who would free them from demons; who did not demand sacrifice. Read more »

Summer Seminar update

August 8, 2007 | no comments

For those interested in the BYU summer seminar, I’ve revised the post, adding the titles of and abstracts for the papers. Read more »

O Jerusalem, Jerusalem

June 16, 2006 | 47 comments

My wife and I were in Jerusalem for a week in March. Below are some thoughts on the city, its religious heritage, and the current conflict. Read more »

David O. McKay and the Rise of Modern Mormonism

August 16, 2005 | 78 comments

David O. McKay presented a dramatic contrast to his predecessors: an athletic, movie-star-handsome, clean-shaven figure who often wore a white double-breasted suit; contrasted to the dark-suited, bearded polygamists (or, in the case of George Albert Smith, son of a polygamist) who preceded him as Church President ever since Joseph Smith. In an age prior to professional image-makers, he instinctively grasped the importance of appearance, and coupled it to the substance of a professional educator to become an icon of Mormonism whose persona did much to change the negative image of the Church in much of the world. Read more »

Sectarianism and sincerity

July 31, 2005 | 11 comments

I visited a Lutheran worship service today, and had one of those odd experiences where what I expect to be familiar is not, and what I don’t expect to be, is. Read more »

Anabaptists on my Mind

July 7, 2005 | 19 comments

Mormons are neither Catholic nor Protestant, we often hear, and I see no reason to doubt the basic truth of the statement. Is there any spectrum of Christian religions such that we can say, “Mormonism is one of the X churches”? Read more »

Catholics and Protestants

May 18, 2005 | 35 comments

Mormons are often dismissive of some Protestants, especially evangelicals. Read more »

A Few Facts on Religion in America

August 5, 2004 | 18 comments

I have been reading papers that I may use in a Fall class, and one is a survey of the economics of religion. As best I can tell, this field largely consists of sociologists applying rational choice modeling to questions of religion. As subject matter it is very interesting but the modeling is not terribly well-developed or convincing. In any case, I though I would share the facts of religion, as culled from this paper. Note that this is all from a 1996 paper by Laurence Iannaccone. I should almost put quote marks around it, but it isn’t verbatim... Read more »

Do Unitarian Universalists have Morals?

July 16, 2004 | 2 comments

Over at Philocrites, Chris Walton, a knowledgeable UU and a sometime T & S visitor and commenter, discusses that very interesting question. Read more »


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