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If I were Mitt Romney

December 5, 2007 | 45 comments

We recently surveyed a bunch of politically savvy bloggernacle types — including some of our own T&S crew — and asked them to answer in a few paragraphs this question: “What would you say tomorrow (in the much-anticipated “Religion Talk”) if you were Mitt Romney?” Here are replies we’ve received: Read more »

Thoughts from the Anvil

December 4, 2007 | 43 comments
Thoughts from the Anvil

I suspect that on Thursday Mitt Romney’s Mormonism will perform the function that Mormonism has been fulfilling in American politics for a century and a half: It will be an anvil on which this mainly Protestant nation hammers out the place of religion in public life. Read more »

Mitt Romney’s Mormon Speech

December 3, 2007 | 44 comments

Mitt Romney has decided to formally address his Mormonism in a speech this Thursday. His campaign is stressing that he won’t be detailing Mormon doctrine, but speaking more broadly to the role of faith in America and in Mitt Romney. This speech will cause every major news organization on the planet to discuss Mormonism this week, with coverage that may exceed even that of the Salt Lake City Olympics, where Mormonism appeared only as a local interest sub-story. This week Mormonism will be at the center. Over the next week we will offer threads about the speech, commentary and... Read more »

Random Thoughts on the Princeton Conference

November 15, 2007 | 15 comments

The recent conference on Mormonism and American Politics at Princeton University, organized by former Times and Seasons blogger Melissa Proctor, was–from the perspective of this participant at least–a resounding success: plenty of exchanges, ideas, and arguments, some presented formally through papers and many others emerging informally through conversations after and between sessions, all packed into a little more than a single cold, grey Saturday in New Jersey. Reports on the conference are already making the rounds (see Matt B.’s excellent summary here, for example); those seriously obsessed with Mormon studies will be happy to here that the entire conference... Read more »

Mormonism and American Politics conference, November 9-10

November 5, 2007 | 5 comments

This weekend, Princeton will host an interdisciplinary conference to discuss the contested intersection between religion and American politics. Speakers include Richard Bushman, Richard Land, Kathleen Flake, Philip Barlow, Marci Hamilton, Alan Wolfe, Helen Whitney, Mark Silk, Noah Feldman, Sarah Barringer Gordon, Stephen Macedo, Thomas Griffith, Melissa Proctor, Robert George, Russell Arben Fox, Chris Karpowitz, David Campbell, John Green, and Francis Beckwith. Read more »

Evans Political Bull-Bear Political Indicator: October 2007

October 19, 2007 | 12 comments

Here are today’s Evans Bull-Bear Political Indicators. Read more »

Sordid Political Post for Mittheads and Anti-Mittheads

October 19, 2007 | 97 comments

Prominent evangelical conservatives are making Mitt Romney noises. Read more »

Mormonism and American Politics Conference at Princeton

October 11, 2007 | 11 comments

There has been much discussion of Mitt Romney’s run for the White House, both here and throughout the Bloggernacle. Predictably, scholars don’t want bloggers to have all the fun. Read more »

Evans Political Bull-Bear Indicator: August 2007

August 21, 2007 | 74 comments

The people who bet money on their ability to predict political events are bullish on Mitt Romney. Read more »

Living in the limelight

June 25, 2007 | 41 comments

Sometime on or before November 4, 2008, the Romney campaign is going to tank. (Dwelling too long on the possibility that he won’t tank is not good for the cardiac health of both his supporters and his opponents, so we’ll ignore that possibility for now.) After the Romney candidacy is no more, how are we Mormons going to make people notice us? Read more »

Interview with Elder Christofferson

June 12, 2007 | 49 comments

Read it here. (HT: BCC) Lots of hot topics: polygamy, women and the priesthood, evolution, Romney, etc. Discuss. Read more »

Mormonism and Pluralism

June 2, 2007 | 82 comments

Mormonism and Pluralism In the U.S. today, many people are wary of religion because they feel it often supports a kind of intolerance. Mitt Romney’s presidential candidacy provides an interesting case study on the relationship between faith and pluralism. On the one hand, we see clear examples of religious intolerance from people like Bill Keller. On the other hand, ironically, the Mormon faith to which Romney adheres is committed in its very scripture to a deep and wide pluralism. Read more »

Mitt Romney, commencement speaker

April 9, 2007 | 43 comments

Misinformation about Mormonism is nothing new, so the bloopers in Kenneth Woodward’s editorial about Mitt Romney’s upcoming speech at Regents University in today’s New York Times don’t disturb me much. What annoys me is Woodward’s argument about how Mormons should talk about themselves. Read more »

Your Mormon problem

March 28, 2007 | 59 comments

Do all job seekers, academic or otherwise, share Mitt Romney’s “Mormon problem?” Where do you list your religion on your CV? Nowhere. Everywhere. Read more »

Forget polygamists, Mitt descends from a DESERTER!!!!

February 25, 2007 | 24 comments

With all the recent attention to Mitt Romney’s polygamous ancestors, I’m surprised no one has yet commented on the really colorful and interesting ancestor, a decorated Prussian soldier who emigrated to the U.S., marched with the Utah Expedition against the Mormons in 1857, then deserted the army and sought asylum in Salt Lake City, eloping with his Iron Cross. Read more »

Romney II: The Story Continues

February 19, 2007 | 73 comments

T&S reader and political junkie Marc Bohn is often the first to notice any new Romney material. There were a slew of articles this weekend that discussed Romney and Mormonism, covering all sorts of interesting ground, and Marc has put together this synopsis, with links, of several of the most interesting: Read more »

The Romney Machine

January 27, 2007 | 64 comments

From my inbox: Read more »

A Really Long Post about Mitt Romney, Damon Linker, and Pope Pius V

January 2, 2007 | 71 comments

In 1570, Pope Pius V issued his bull Regnans in Exelcis, a pontifical act that seems to be creating problems for Mitt Romney and the Mormons. Read more »

Mitt, the Mormons, and the Democrats’ Mountain West Strategy

December 29, 2006 | 27 comments

The Democratic electoral strategy for 2008 and Mitt Romney’s candidacy might just give Mormons more political influence than they will ever have again in a presidential election. The combination of the two will certainly give the McCain campaign a bad case of indigestion. Read more »

One Thing Damon’s Article (Probably) Gets Right

December 27, 2006 | 107 comments

Damon Linker’s TNR article “The Big Test” came out last Friday. Despite the holiday, his argument about Mitt Romney’s all-but-certain presidential candidacy and the problems which at least some Mormon beliefs pose for people looking to decide who to vote for has already caught the eye of many, and will no doubt be talked and argued about for some time to come. If you’re looking for a lengthy take on his argument…well, I’ve put one up on my blog here. But here, writing for T&S’s Mormon audience, let me pick out one paragraph of Damon’s article, and see what... Read more »

Non-LDS Support for Mitt Romney

May 23, 2006 | 42 comments

An email from a reader, Jeff Fuller.* Read more »

Big Love for Romney

March 10, 2006 | 35 comments

Big Love, the HBO polygamy show, has arrived. Both on National Review’s Corner and in other conservative commentary, folks have been wondering whether this polygamy reminder will hurt Romney. Folks are already sensitive about Mormonism and its wierdness without having their noses rubbed in it. Read more »

Mitt Romney for President?

July 26, 2005 | 62 comments

Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has presidential aspirations. Read more »

2009 Inaugural Persiflage

January 20, 2005 | 45 comments

If Romney (or Reid or a saint or saints unknown) get elected, should they be sworn in on the Bible or the Book of Mormon? Why? Read more »


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