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Righteous or Wicked?

March 5, 2004 | 28 comments

I once asked a sage I know, “Do Mormons believe the nature of man is good or evil?” He answered, “Yes.” How wonderful, how zenny, how true. Read more »

S.T.D.’s – Sexually Threatening Discussions

February 29, 2004 | 10 comments

Stake visitors amble through the hallways during Sunday School time of ward conference in an urban Chicago ward. Suddenly, bellowing from the young women’s classroom, comes the teacher’s mighty voice: “Chastity means NO SEX, NO SEX, NO SEX!” Just how do we communicate sexual standards in understandable, meaningful, practical ways? Read more »

Problematic Pedagogy

February 26, 2004 | 52 comments

Modern writers, readers, and movie viewers know that flawless (human) characters are boring, not inspiring. So why do we portray our church leaders this way? Read more »

Christian Kitsch – We Are Not Immune

February 24, 2004 | 23 comments

A new fashion statement – crucifixion spike jewelry? Read more »

The Kingdom of Heaven is Like Unto…a Starbucks?

February 23, 2004 | 8 comments

Jesus loved teaching with metaphors from the mundane. You remember the stories in Matthew: “The kingdom of heaven is like unto a grain of mustard seed….like unto leaven….like unto treasure hid in a field. He holds up a comparison and invites his listeners (sometimes with His help) to extract meaning and insight. Imagine my surprise in a recent epiphany that the kingdom of heaven in my day is also like unto a Starbucks! Read more »


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