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“The First Thing We Do . . .”

April 26, 2005 | 67 comments

There have been three new rules in the Church in the last year that have really angered and saddened me. Especially since, if I were in a position to do so, I would have made the same rules. Read more »

Postpartum Depression

April 25, 2005 | 52 comments

I had severe and prolonged postpartum depression with my first child, moderate PPD with the second, and none at all with the third. While I’m by no means an expert, I wanted to sketch out some things that I thought might be helpful to those experiencing PPD and those who are in a position to help them (husbands, visiting teachers, ward leaders, etc.). Read more »

Book Review: Back to the Well: Women’s Encounters with Jesus in the Gospels

April 17, 2005 | 7 comments

This statement from The Blog of Happiest Fun got a lot of links from other female bloggernaclites: I would like to spend more time discussing the lives of strong women in the scriptures. Women like Hannah, Deborah, Jael, or Anna the prophetess. There are so many women that I find interesting, and I don’t hear about them enough. I’d like to study their lives some more. Read more »

Teaching Modesty to Children

April 6, 2005 | 113 comments

I posted the following you-know-where: I don’t have girl children, but I don’t let my boys wear tank tops or shorts above the knee. Read more »

An Open Thread on General Conference

April 2, 2005 | 127 comments

This is the place, as it were, for comments on conference. I’m going to stop typing and listen. Read more »

Book Review: Women in Eternity, Women of Zion

March 29, 2005 | 149 comments

Imagine, if you will, that a stalwart member of the Church approached you with some concerns about the theological underpinnings of the Word of Wisdom. What might you do? Castigate him as a rebellious secularizer? Remind her that questioning was the fast road to apostasy? Read more »

Eight Not-So-Simple Rules . . .

March 23, 2005 | 44 comments

Thought LDS dating rules were draconian? ‘Courtship‘ is the trendy new (old) thing among Christian fundamentalists. Read more »

Book Review: The Latter-day Saint Experience in America

March 16, 2005 | 27 comments

Perhaps you can forgive me for taking one look at the supersized price tag on Terryl L. Givens’ new book The Latter-day Saint Experience in America and assuming that the intended audience was luckless university students operating at the behest of their profligate professors. Read more »

Book Review: Black and Mormon

March 6, 2005 | 50 comments

Any etiquette book will tell you: there are certain topics you just don’t bring up in polite society. Any Mormon will tell you: we have a few topics of our own to add to that list. And one of them is the issue of blacks and the priesthood. Read more »

Book Review Schedule

March 1, 2005 | no comments

If you want to review a book, send me the title and your street address. There’s a category called Book Reviews for your posts. When you post the review, I’ll send the link to the publisher. Please don’t sit on the book forever. I’ll keep a running list of everything requested. God on the Quad (Adam) (St. Martin’s Press) DONE Black and Mormon (Julie) (U of Illinois) DONE The Latter-day Saint Experience in America (Julie) (Greenwood) DONE David O. McKay: Beloved Prophet (Julie) (Covenant) DONE David O. McKay and the Rise of Modern Mormonism (Julie) (U of Utah) A... Read more »

Yes, He Does

February 18, 2005 | 53 comments

Someone named Katherine posted the following on the What Think Ye? thread: “The subjects of women and the Priesthood and women and the church are ones I honestly struggle with. My questions are does God love women less than men, does he esteem us less, and are we worth less in the eternities? While my heart says that couldn’t be, I have every earthly and heavenly evidence to the contrary. I beg for your collective wisdom–how can I know that his female children have the same value to him as his male children?” Read more »

What Think Ye?

February 14, 2005 | 197 comments

Kaimi scooped me by about 6 seconds on the sidebar link to this. Read more »

268M in 2080

February 5, 2005 | 62 comments

Most members of the Church are probably familiar with the estimate made by (nonLDS) sociologist Rodney Stark that, if current growth patterns hold, there will be 268 million members of the Church by the year 2080. Read more »


January 31, 2005 | 44 comments

Perhaps when missionaries are faced with fence-sitting investigators, they should note the tax advantages of joining the Church. Read more »

‘And Many Other Women’ Part VII

January 23, 2005 | 12 comments

I’m thinking about Hannah today. Read more »

To X or not to X . . .

January 3, 2005 | 38 comments

Yesterday, a new policy for our ward was announced. Let’s call it policy X. It was made clear that X came from the stake president, directly from training by a member of the seventy. I think X is a bad idea. Read more »

Studying the Doctrine and Covenants

December 31, 2004 | 10 comments

I would imagine that I know less about the Doctrine and Covenants than your average seminary student. Read more »

Christmas Shopping

December 1, 2004 | 5 comments

Here are my suggestions for everyone on your Christmas list: Read more »

What the Smith Boys Said This Year

November 25, 2004 | 8 comments

What I’m not good at is keeping a journal. What I am good at is writing down in my planner the funny things that my kids say and then printing them up to put in our Christmas card each year: Read more »

Just Say No

November 23, 2004 | 22 comments

So my visiting teachers came over today. I love them; they take good care of me. One of them told me that they were asked on Sunday (I wasn’t in Church this week: sniffly kids) to check in with their visiting teachees and see how they are doing in meeting the challenge that the ward has set for the opening of the San Antonio Temple. Read more »

‘And Many Other Women’ Part VI

November 23, 2004 | 8 comments

I’m not usually this speculative in my interpretation of scripture, but I thought I’d send this out as something of a trial balloon. I am intrigued by this idea but not necessarily convinced by it. Read more »

Elder Oaks’ Devotional

November 10, 2004 | 32 comments

A Deseret News article reports a recent devotional by Elder Oaks where he expresses concern over some recent social trends. Discuss. Read more »

‘And Many Other Women’ Part V

October 27, 2004 | one comment

I wrote my thesis on Mark 14:3-9, so there’s a lot that I want to say about it, but for now, I’m only going to talk about its relationship to Mark 12:38-44. Read more »

Book of Mormon Family Home Evening Lesson Eighteen

October 24, 2004 | one comment

BMS: The People of Ammon MBM: Anti-Nephi-Lehies Read more »