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Cartoon Christian Rock

May 5, 2005 | 20 comments

I still remember the first time I heard Christian rock music in the early 1980s. I thought it was awful and vaguely sacrilegious. Of course, since that time, many Christian rock groups have crossed over into the mainstream market and became straightforwardly sacrilegious (tic, sort of). Now prepare yourselves for the arrival of Christian rock’s answer to The Archies. Read more »

Anticipating Mother’s Day

May 3, 2005 | 8 comments

I have been thinking about Mother’s Day for weeks. This is not normal for me, but for some reason I have felt the urge to make this year something special. But what to do? Finally, today, inspiration came. Read more »

Religious Bigotry & Judicial Nominations

April 26, 2005 | 57 comments

Cathy Young has a provocative editorial on the recent judicial confirmation kerfuffle. The quick primer: Democrats have been blocking President Bush’s judicial nominees at an unprecedented rate, and Republican Senators have begun to cry foul on grounds of religious bigotry. Read more »

Satellite Stake Conference

April 24, 2005 | 30 comments

I spent most of my morning in a very enjoyable Stake Conference. Many of you were probably there, too. After all, it included 61 stakes and one district covering nine Midwestern states. Read more »

Laptops in the Chapel

April 24, 2005 | 19 comments

I suppose it was inevitable. Today, during Stake Conference, I saw a member of our congregation taking notes on a laptop. Read more »

Movie Cleansing

April 20, 2005 | 133 comments

The Family Entertainment and Copyright Act of 2005 has made its way through Congress and is now heading toward the White House for George Bush’s signature. Read more »

Symbols of Faith

April 14, 2005 | 69 comments

President Hinckley’s home teaching message for April is about symbols. It was prompted by that well-worn question: why don’t Mormons use the symbol of the cross? Read more »

On Assembling a Basketball Standard

April 4, 2005 | 3 comments

My wife bought a basketball standard this winter. It was on sale, our oldest son had been asking for one for months, and my wife is a great basketball player. The only problem: assembly required. Read more »

Great Sermons: The Purifying Power of Gethsemane

March 13, 2005 | 7 comments

Unlike last week’s sermon, this sermon is widely known among members of the Church, though usually under the designation, “Bruce R. McConkie’s Last Talk.” Read more »

Religion and Entrepreneurship

March 10, 2005 | 21 comments

I spend most of my waking hours studying some aspect of business law. I have a special interest in entrepreneurship. Does this have anything to do with Mormonism? Read more »

Scripture Marking

March 8, 2005 | 31 comments

Just for fun, I googled “marking scriptures.” The first three results are Mormon sites. Result #4 does not have anything to do with scripture marking, but is a Bible site that encourages bookmarking. Then it’s back to the Mormon sites. Only one other site in the Top 10 results is from another denomination. Read more »

Great Sermons: The Inconvenient Messiah

March 6, 2005 | 8 comments

This post inaugurates a new series at Times & Seasons. We have decided to post discussions of and links to great sermons. Read more »

From the Archives: Losing a Child

March 5, 2005 | no comments

Today is my first son’s birthday. Last year on this day, I posted some recollections of our time with him. After reading Russell’s moving post about Tessa, I decided to bring my post out of the archives. You can find it here. My prayers go out to Tessa’s parents. Read more »

The Weekend With Morrie

March 4, 2005 | 7 comments

In keeping with my general practice of coming very late to cultural phenomena, I finally read Tuesdays With Morrie last weekend. Read more »

Simple Testimony

February 17, 2005 | 69 comments

Last week my bishop encouraged us to read M. Russell Ballard’s talk “Pure Testimony” from last General Conference. I did, and it has caused me to reevaluate how I share my own testimony. Read more »

The Purpose of the Church

February 13, 2005 | 18 comments

Today in Priesthood we studied Lesson 3 in the Teachings of Presidents of the Church: David O. McKay. Rarely have I felt so out of sync with the lesson. Read more »

Should We Prefer Avarice to Piety in CEOs?

February 10, 2005 | 19 comments

In an interesting editorial in today’s Chicago Tribune (reg. req’d), my friend Professor David Skeel of the University of Pennsylvania Law School discusses the use of faith as a defense to criminal charges by several prominent CEOs, including Bernard Ebbers of WorldCom Inc., Richard Scrushy of HealthSouth Corp., and Kenneth Lay of Enron Corp. David wonders, “How did it turn out that the leaders of three of the most scandal-ridden companies all publicly professed their faith?” Read more »

More on Media Bias

February 9, 2005 | 8 comments

The topic of media bias comes up regularly on Times & Seasons. Read more »

Fat Tuesday & Lent

February 8, 2005 | 20 comments

Mardi Gras is early this year. Now I am scrambling to find a King Cake in Madison. I lived in Louisiana for one year, and I was fascinated by the Christian calendar. So how many of you, besides Kristine, are looking forward to Lent? Read more »

Academic Freedom & the Search for Truth

February 8, 2005 | 64 comments
Academic Freedom & the Search for Truth

The University of Wisconsin takes great pride in its tradition of academic freedom. As a new professor, I was told repeatedly the story of Professor Richard T. Ely (watch the video), a labor economist who was accused by Oliver E. Wells, Wisconsin’s State Superintendent of Public Instruction and a member of the Board of Regents, of providing a moral justification for strikes and boycotts. Read more »

The Iraq Elections

January 30, 2005 | 67 comments

I was up late last night, watching the coverage of the Iraq elections. My favorite image from the elections is here. We have talked about the war in Iraq from time to time on T&S, but no matter what you think of the war, you have to be pleased for the Iraqi people, don’t you? I mean, even the New York Times smiled for a moment. UPDATE: If you want to see the upbeat paragraph that the New York Times took out of its story on the elections, read Instapundit. This is really disgraceful on the part of the... Read more »

The Disappearance of “Damn”

January 26, 2005 | 26 comments

Should I have written that? Christine Hurt, my co-blogger at Conglomerate has begun to chronicle the disappearance of the word “damn” from several commercial ventures. See here and here. Apparently, it is a naughty word. Read more »

Boiling Frogs

January 23, 2005 | 27 comments

You undoubtedly have heard this metaphor: if you throw a frog into boiling water, it will jump out, but if you place the frog into cold water and turn up the heat, it will become accustomed to the increasing heat and eventually get cooked. Gross! Read more »

Napoleon Dynamite

January 23, 2005 | 69 comments

I am probably the last person here to have seen Napoleon Dynamite, but my daughter rented it on Friday, and I saw it twice over the weekend. I am still laughing. Read more »