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Twice Remembering the Blog

November 17, 2004 | 10 comments

I’ve decided to fight the forgetfulness of a blog by resurrecting a couple of old posts in time for the anniversary. In this April post, I admit that social pressures against sinful behavior are painful and unmerciful to the repentant sinner and unjust to the person who acts from pathology and not from sin. And yet . . . Read more »

Remembering the Blog

November 16, 2004 | 7 comments

Blogs have archives but no memory. Perhaps our Very Special Anniversary Announcement will be special enough to change even that. I’m not taking any chances. I’ve decided to revive a few old posts from the first half of the blog. I’ve enjoyed doing it. “Time,” as James Lileks says, “is nothing more than a lick of paint over the hinges. Push hard enough. They still swing open.” Read more »

The Incredibles, a good flick

November 15, 2004 | 30 comments

Things have been a little heavy around here lately . . . But not too heavy for MISTER . . . INCREDIBLE . . . to lift! Er, yes. Read more »

Family Businesses: In the World but not of It

November 10, 2004 | 19 comments

What is the well-dressed office worker reading on the evening train this season? The Economist. The Economist? Yes. An article on family businesses. Read more »

The State of the Marriage Movement, post-election

November 4, 2004 | 110 comments

What next for supporters of traditional marriage? Read more »

Who’s accomodating whom?

November 1, 2004 | 2 comments

Greg Call links to Dave’s Mormon Inquiry on whether Church accomodation has led to slower Church growth. Read more »

Welcome, Ryan Bell.

November 1, 2004 | 7 comments

If a demographer drew a line around the Salt Lake City area and then filtered out all but the LDS attorneys with a beautiful wife and two kids, he’d still have quite a crowd. Read more »

Thank you, Bryce Inouye.

November 1, 2004 | 18 comments

Bryce Inouye’s two weeks have come to an end. Read more »

The foxes have holes and the birds of the air have nests: a plaint

October 26, 2004 | 50 comments

Brother Decoo’s On the Left: Our Pioneer Ancestors . . . has become a peaceful forum for people who want the saints to be more progressive politically (except for the abortionist libertine part). I have no complaints. Read more »

Regional Conference with President Packer

October 26, 2004 | 6 comments

Regional conference last Sunday was a broadcast from Salt Lake City. We and all the other stakes in Oregon had our own opening prayer, song, speaker, and announcements. Then the Packers and the Tingeys and Brother McAllister addressed us on the big screen. Read more »

Visiting the iniquity unto the fourth generation.

October 22, 2004 | 23 comments

God sometimes speaks in a terrible voice. Hear this: I the Lord thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me. Read more »

Welcome, Bryce Inouye.

October 18, 2004 | 11 comments

Bryce Inouye is a computer science maven at Duke. He has three children, an interest in homeschooling, in English, in linguistics, in history, in Nobel Prize winners, one-term Secretaries of State, the Moh’s scale, and, in short, in everything. Read more »

Endowment Music

October 10, 2004 | 22 comments

I don’t know much about the live temple sessions. I’ve never been through one before. Is there live music that accompanies it? Read more »


October 7, 2004 | 30 comments

The Lord reveals through many prophets, “By small and simple things are great things brought to pass.” He does not reveal that by great things are great things brought to pass. He doesn’t need to. We already know. Read more »

Youth Ministry

October 6, 2004 | 11 comments

President Faust told an interesting story about a ward that lost most of its Melchizedek priesthood holders (a military ward, perhaps?). The priests were left to run things. Read more »

The problem of p0rn

October 5, 2004 | 40 comments

President Hinkley was pretty sober at the Priesthood session when he spoke about p0rn. He read a hard letter from an afflicted wife. He grieved the 57 billion dollars spent on p0rn worldwide (57 billion dollars gone down the devil’s rat-hole). He mourned for the women who love the men who get addicted. He mourned the lost blessings of those men. P0rn, he said, says amen to the priesthood of its beholders. Read more »

Some Criticisms of Missionary Art.

September 30, 2004 | 23 comments

I love the Ensign art shows. They are in themselves a kind of art, greater, as the saying goes, than the sum of their parts. I do not love the missionary art show in the October 2004 Ensign. Read more »

Ensign Review

September 30, 2004 | one comment

The newest Ensign is pretty simple. It’s plain stories and conventional exhortation. I like that. Read more »

A Naturalization Ceremony

September 27, 2004 | 36 comments

I stepped down the hall to a naturalization ceremony. It was a moving affair, a lot like a baptism in many ways. Read more »

Why no official guide to the temple?

September 17, 2004 | 34 comments

I lurk on LDS-Phil. Mainly I read the discussions with that faint air of incomprehending condescension and superiority one feels when smarter and more educated people get passionate about something. But a recent discussion caught my interest. Why, the question was posed, don’t we Saints get more help in understanding the symbolism of the temple? Read more »

Condorcet Paradox and a Close Reading of the Scriptures

September 14, 2004 | 28 comments

She who is as in a field a silken tent brought me home a copy of Blake Ostler on The Attributes of God. Ostler believes strongly that our having free agency means God cannot know the future with certainty. Brother Ostler acknowledges some scriptures that apparently indicate God’s foreknowlege. But, he says, we shouldn’t read too much into them. The scriptures are “pre-critical.” Read more »

The largest Mormon (et al.) group blog in history?

September 13, 2004 | 4 comments

I’ve just found out about the launch of It’s a blog, I guess, though anyone who wants to is allowed to become a contributor and post their own mission stories. Read all about it here. Read more »

September 11, 2001

September 11, 2004 | one comment

September 11, 2001. Three years have passed—three more nails in the cross—but we remember. Read more »

More on Civility

September 10, 2004 | 32 comments

Let me encourage you all to read Jim Faulconer’s fine post on keeping it civil. It has the merits of its own excellence, the authority lent by Brother Faulconer’s character, and, having been circulated among us cobloggers* for comments before posting, the quasi-imprimatur of Times and Seasons. I would like to add some thoughts entirely my own. Read more »


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