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Robbers Bound By Their Oaths?

September 15, 2007 | 20 comments

How binding are promises to do things that are or later become inconsistent with our moral progress? Read more »

Christ for the Pagans

September 14, 2007 | 9 comments

A First Things writer reckons that the West needs a pagan revival before it can have a Christian revival. In Africa and in the ancient world, the theory goes, Christianity flourished because the people were afraid of the capricious spiritual powers and principalities and were glad to find refuge in a God who could love and be loved; who would free them from demons; who did not demand sacrifice. Read more »

Taking the Kids Away

September 12, 2007 | 35 comments

The Telegraph reports that the British government intends to take the baby away from a pregnant, single woman with a troubled past as soon as the child is born. Read more »

September 11, 2001

September 11, 2007 | 12 comments

From the archives: One Person’s Story. In Rama was there a voice heard. (With additional comments and links here.) Read more »

Changing Abortion Views

September 11, 2007 | 23 comments

Over the last decade, being “pro-life” has got a lot more popular. To a lesser extent, pro-life political positions have also got more popular. An extremely comprehensive recent look at changing opinions in a swing state is here. Read more »

Four Jewels in His Crown

September 6, 2007 | 37 comments
Four Jewels in His Crown

Ann Greenwood was born yesterday at 8 lbs. 2 oz. and 21 inches long. She was three weeks early. Though the events of yesterday were excessively fraught with interest, mother and child are now doing well. Read more »

Proud Sponsor of . . .

August 29, 2007 | 62 comments

The Parents TV Council has studied TV ad buys over the last year and has published a list of the worst companies for sponsoring or advertising on raunchy, violent, and profane programs in preference to clean programs, along with a list of those companies that best take the opposite approach. Read more »

Coming of Age

August 23, 2007 | 56 comments

Once upon a time, there really was a moment when a girl left behind an actual, old-fashioned childhood and embarked on a well-defined period of preparation for motherhood and marriage. Now, childhood ends earlier than ever, while adulthood in the traditional sense—of settling down and starting a family—begins much later, if at all. In the middle is a stretch of adolescence so extended—and so various, from teenage parenthood to perpetual studenthood—one hardly knows when coming of age should be celebrated, or why. –from a Slate review of a book on Quinceaneras. Read more »

Remember My Son

August 20, 2007 | 24 comments

I read a lot of Abraham Lincoln books. I can’t say enough good about him, but I have to admit that, like his law partner said, “his ambition was a little engine that never quit.” Some historians have argued that the key to his ambition was his undeniable fear of being forgotten, his fear that after his death the world would be as if he had never been. That is why he tried so hard to make a name. Read more »

Wrongful Exposure of Adultery

August 16, 2007 | 79 comments

A man used 1-800-FLOWERS to send roses to his mistress. Despite his explicit instructions to keep the matter secret from his wife, the company sent a thanks-for-using-our-services note to his home address a couple of months later. His wife investigated and ended up discovering her husband’s affair. They’re getting divorced and the husband is suing 1-800-Flowers for damages. Read more »

On the Sweetness of Mormon Life: Pleasant Plants

August 13, 2007 | 8 comments

In Sunday School yesterday we read about the day of Pentecost where Peter cited God’s promise that in the last days He would pour out his Spirit and the Saints would dream dreams. The Lovely one and I garden every year, partly because we like it, partly because our parents always did it, and partly because our prophets recommend it (President Faust made a particular impression on us). We aren’t equal in our enthusiasm for all the commandments (she’s much more into searching Isaiah then I am, for instance), but we both like to garden. Read more »

What’s the Official Doctrine on “Official Doctrine”?

August 9, 2007 | 70 comments

Esteemed reader Andrew Ainsworth is writing a paper on the official doctrine on what constitutes official doctrine. He emailed me the following bleg for your help. Read more »

From the Archives: Millennial Children

August 8, 2007 | 11 comments

Over time I’ve discussed various reasons to think that we’ll have the pleasure of raising kids in the Millennium. For convenience I’ve collected all those reasons and shortened them down, with links to the longer original versions. Read more »

EMPIRE: an Idiosyncratic Review

August 7, 2007 | 25 comments

Orson Scott Card has written Empire, a near-future thriller about coups, plots, and civil war in America. What follows is a short but idiosyncratic review with spoilers. Read more »

Jailtime for “Murder” Moms?

August 1, 2007 | 57 comments

Pro-lifers generally aren’t interested in throwing women in jail for having abortions. Ana Quindlen believes they should be, if they want to be consistent. I’ve encountered many pro-choice people who believe some variation of the same thing. If you think abortion should usually be illegal you must think women who have abortions are murder moms, and if you think someone is a murder mom, you must want them punished as a murderer. If you don’t, your views are in contradiction. Read more »

Is it Right to Abort Unborn Disabled Babies?

July 31, 2007 | 87 comments

Is it right to abort unborn disabled babies? Read more »

The Psychology of a Two-Lobed Atonement

July 31, 2007 | 82 comments

Mormons are distinct in the emphasis we put on Gethsemane. We see Christ’s Atonement as having two primary lobes at Gethsemane in the garden and at Calvary on the cross. Read more »

21 Million Dollars for Live Child

July 25, 2007 | 106 comments

A Florida jury awarded a couple 21 million dollars for bad advice they received from a geneticist (though under state law they may only receive $200,000). The couple’s first baby had severe disabilities but the geneticist told them they would not have future children with the same problem. But the odds were actually 1 in 4 and the couple’s second child was also born with the disability. The 21 million dollars is to compensate the couple for the harm of having to raise their medically-expensive child. Read more »

Shelter in the Shade of Planted Trees

July 24, 2007 | 16 comments

The movie The Best Two Years was better than I expected. It was also hard to watch. My own mission was a lot like the movie. It was the best and worst two years of my life. Read more »

From the Archives: Pioneer Children

July 24, 2007 | one comment

A week has passed since Pioneer Day. We remembered it here. In my sacrament meeting, where the speakers reminded us of President Hinckley’s meditation on the shade cast by the trees the pioneers planted and the “long shadow” they themselves cast in which we still find some shelter from the heat of the times. Read more »

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

July 23, 2007 | no comments

Iff you’ve finished reading the book, Official Times and Seasons Coblogger and Person of Illustriousness Russell Fox has opened a discussion of Deathly Hallows here. Read more »

SPOILERS: A VERY unexpected ending

July 21, 2007 | 12 comments

That’s not how I expected the ending to be and, yes, I found it a little puzzling. WARNING: SPOILERS. Do NOT click through unless you are prepared for SPOILERS. (more…) Read more »

A Remarkably Crude and Obvious Forgery

July 13, 2007 | 102 comments

In a recent video dialogue between two of the The Atlantic Monthly‘s stable of talented writers, left-wing blogger Matthew Yglesias argued that the Book of Mormon was “a remarkably crude and obvious forgery“. Right-wing blogger Ross Douthat essentially agreed with him. Read more »

The Church’s Internet Outreach

July 5, 2007 | 48 comments

A brotherly reader wrote me yesterday: I was at today and saw that they’re running an ad for Advertising on rightish political blogs makes a lot of sense right now. Has anyone else seen any Church internet advertising? Read more »


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