The Masonic Element in Mormonism

August 10, 2010 | no comments

On the sweetness of Mormon life.

(PEC, before the services): Earnestly, discussing whom we might rescue, we might save, we counsel together.

(Services, opening hymn): Singing, in Christ’s voice, “Reverently and meekly now, Let thy head most humbly bow. Think of me, thou ransomed one,” our emotions rise.

(Services, opening speaker): Walks to the lectern. Plunks down a bottle of carrots and a bottle of corn.

(Sunday’s topic, for all talks): The cannery.

My wife rolls her eyes. I shrug. Weapons-grade Mormonism, I tell her. She rolls her eyes again. She listens. Sheepishly she takes out a pad to jot notes.

I look back at the congregation. An investigator (genus, fratboy, species, d-bag—rugby shirt, popped collar, popped hair) is staring. Eyes wide. God, I reckon, giggles.

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