Why Boys Need Men Teachers

June 23, 2009 | no comments

One of the most malign of modern trends is the disappearance of men from the ranks of public school teachers and the decline in the number of woman teachers who wield a ruler. The Church counteracts that. I got a testimony why recently.

Picture in your mind a car full of apathetic young men and two listless male leaders, driving on a dark freeway in the open spaces of New Mexico, coming back from a stake joint youth swimming party. Also in the car, the wife of one of the listless male leaders. “How did you like the swimming?” Silence. “It was OK.” Silence. “The water was cold.” More silence.

One of the boys pipes up. “Hey, I want to build a corn maze with no way out.” “And with a waterslide,” another boy says. Cool, I think, automatically. We start chattering. The silence is over. By the end of the drive we’ve designed a multi-story facility complete with dumb waiters, zip lines, inflatable walls, laser tag guns, and gymnastics quality trampolines. At the suggestion of the other male leader present, it also includes gimbals, and pistons to raise and lower sections of the floor. “I really liked this swimming party,” one of the boys said, “we should do it again.” The wife looks out the window, pained, determined to be tolerant.

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