Guest Blogging Schedule

September 1, 2004 | no comments



Carol Armga: May 1-14
Patrick Mason: June 12-26
Jonathan Green: July 7-21
Carrie Lundell: August 1-15
Jill Mulvay Derr: End of August


    Accepted invitation, no date yet set:

Jeremiah John (Adam) (on long-term hold)
Laurel Thatcher Ulrich (Julie)
Terryl Givens (Fall) (Jim)
Jon Wilson (aka Ebenezer Orthodoxy) (Matt)
Aaron Brown (Matt)
Richard Oman (Nate)


    Invited, awaiting response:

Mother of Ebenezer Orthodoxy
Rob Daines?


    Approved by bloggers, not yet invited:

Rob Fergus (post-post-post-election)
Brother Haglund
Sally Gordon
Brent Andrewsen?
Aldo Edwards
Gray & Young (12Q?)
Kristin Smith Dayley
Christine Durham (12Q?)


    Invited, not accepted

Keith Lane (possibly in 2005) (said no, for now). (And Jennifer Lane?)
Randy Butterfield (no).


    Under review

John Fowles


    Other thoughts and possibilities:

J. Scott Craig
Bryan Earl
Matt Fairholm
Robert Kirby
Tuan Samahom
Alden Stradling
Emily Tippets
Laurie Uriquiaga
Cheiko Okazaki (Kris)
Matt Asplund
Tony Kimball
Zina Peterson
Melissa Inouye McMullen
Katie Blakesley
Nancy Dredge
Heather Clayton ________
Allison Pingree
Michelle Larsen
Karen Lynn Davidson
Eric D. Snider?
Jennifer Lane
Jill Derr
Marilyn Waite
Matt Astle
John Payne
Alonzo Gaskill
David Holland
Russell’s brother-in-law
Summer 2007–
Nate Oman to reinvite Richard Bushman
Ray (Curtis DeGraw) invited and accepted

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