Christmas Devotional

December 7, 2003 | no comments

Yet another delightful Christmas devotional. I loved it; I love them all. This lay pageantry always mark the beginning of my personal Christmas calendar.

I’ve noticed a trend of more broadcasts from Salt Lake to us saints among the gentiles. We’ve gone from General Conference twice a year to temple dedications, Pte. Hinkley’s birthday, and things like that BYU alumni broadcast from last month.

I have nothing very profound to say about the trend. Like Gordon on tithing settlement, I can only say that I like it. I like knowing that these broadcasts, minor in themselves, run as a common thread through all our lives.

Zion is the pure in heart. That’s the core of the thing. Let’s not forget the little extras–the actually knowing each other, the sharing experience–that with the core make up the whole.

This weblog is a part of that. God bless you all. God bless families. God bless hometeaching. God be praised for the vision of the unity of the Saints.


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