I shock myself, says Canada’s Catholic Prime Minister

November 20, 2003 | no comments

Prime Minister Chretien, who has played a prominent role in Canada’s move to gay marriage, is also an active Roman Catholic. When asked how he reconciled the two, he explained that, uh, he didn’t. (See link at Christus Victor).

I admit that the a religious person might permit gay marriage on certain religious views of the role of the state. But it looks like Chretien doesn’t have those views. He simply hasn’t thought it out. I guess this is a bit of a warning to us all, lawyers, politicians, businessman, professors, soldiers, you name it, not to leave our faith at home, or we might be shocked to find what we’ve done in public. I think the culture has colonized our minds with the repeated, massive assertion
that religion has no place in the public square, so we tend to leave the truths we know in purdah while trying to start from secular scratch.


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