Rosalynde Welch

I grew up in Southern California, the daughter of Russ and Christie Frandsen and eldest of their eleven children (including Gabrielle, Naomi, Brigham, Rachel, Jacob, Benjamin, Abraham, Christian, Eva, and Isaac, in case youíre wondering if Iím related to that Frandsen you used to know). In 1992 I graduated from La Canada High School and started at BYU, where it didnít take me long to switch from a pre-med to an English major. In 1993 and again in 1994, I spent several months in England studying literature and theater with, among other able teachers, Eugene England. I developed interests in Renaissance English literature, contemporary critical theory, and creative writing, and wrote my Honors thesis on composition pedagogy. I served in the Porto, Portugal Mission from 1996-1997. After returning home, I graduated from BYU in 1998, and married John Welch later that week. John and I attended graduate school at the University of California at San Diego, and I was awarded a PhD in Early Modern Literature from that institution in 2004. I studied under Louis Montrose and dissertated under the title ďPlacing Private Conscience in Early Modern England,Ē combining my interests in Renaissance literature, religion, and poststructuralist theory. During our years in San Diego, our daughter Elena Rachel was born in 2001, and our son John Levin Frandsen in 2003. (I have perfected the art of typing while nursing an infant and have developed a short instructional manual; please contact me for more information.) We now live in St. Louis, Missouri, where John is a medical resident and I stay at home with our children. (Iíve recently tried out ďand Iím a writer, too,Ē but Iím not sure it convinces yet). Iím a classically-trained pianist, currently serving as the organist and choir pianist in our ward. I also maintain eclectic interests in lactation support, backpacking, food writing, travel and jogging.