Kaimipono David Wenger

My name is Kaimipono David Wenger (Kaimi). I was born in 1974 and grew up in a variety of places, including Germany, Arizona, Oklahoma, and Hawaii. (I am part Hawaiian, and my name, Kaimipono, means "Seeking for Righteousness" in Hawaiian.)

I served in the Guatemala Quetzaltenango mission between 1993 and 1995. After returning, I married Mardell Louise Jones. I attended Arizona State University and eventually received a Spanish degree. My son Sullivan was also born while we lived in Arizona. After graduation, we came to New York to attend law school at Columbia. (I was in the same class as my co-blogger Greg). My son Kace was born while I was going to law school.

I graduated and worked for a year as a law clerk to Judge Jack B. Weinstein in the Eastern District of New York. At present, I work for a firm in midtown. I live in Marble Hill (Bronx) and attend the Kingsbridge Second Ward (also the home ward of LDS blogosphere denizen Logan Bobo). Over the years I have had some (very) minor success writing church-related music. I wrote one hymn that was published in the New Era and is available online here. (That includes, I should point out, the small typo that the New Era introduced when they re-typeset it for the page. The A natural on the last line should be a B natural. I've always thought that error (and its resolution) should be obvious at a glance anyway, given that (1) the prior note is A, (2) there's no accidental on A anywhere in the hymn, (3) there is a B flat a measure before, and (4) finally, B natural makes this actually form a chord, and it's an obviously appropriate one for that spot. So go ahead and pencil in the right note, please). Also, I wrote another song that was included in a resource book for young women.

I sporadically blog about law-related issues at a group blog with Nate Oman called Tutissima Cassis. I also have a law-related bio at my old blog, including information on legal publications. (Finally, since I am a lawyer, I should note here that all comments are my own opinion, and don't necessarily represent the views of my current or former employers, co-workers, clients, bishop, stake president, landlord, children or pets).