Adam Greenwood

We are the Greenwoods--Adam Hartley and Sara Elizabeth. We live with our daughter Emma Caroline in Peralta, New Mexico. Our oldest daughter, Elizabeth "Betsey" Pearl, died of brain cancer in March of 2005 and is buried in Eagar, Arizona.

We weren't comfortable with usual biography that mentions education and profession, because it seems to us that the modern world goes wrong in making them keys to a person's identity. We decided that we would much rather be known by our family (much of our family is old-line pioneer, but this doesn't signify. The important thing about family is that it is one's own.)

I come from a line of several Adam Hartley Greenwoods, going back to William Greenwood and his wife Ann Hartley who joined the church in Liverpool during the 1840s. The Greenwood line settled in northeastern Arizona, near the White Mountains. I'm related to most any Mormon from Nutrioso, Springerville, or Eagar, AZ, or Luna or Ramah, NM. I particularly cherish the memory of Jacob Hamblin, the peacemaker, and Elijah Carter, the half-Choctaw orphan who became a Sheriff's deputy and died in the line of duty. I am also descended from the Williams of Mesa, AZ, and through them from Abraham Hunsaker.

Sara Elizabeth descends on her mother's side from Willard Richards and Lot Smith, and also has ties to northeastern Arizona. Through these northeastern Arizona relatives she is descended from Jacob Broom, one of the quiet, workaday Founders. On her father's side she comes from several generations of Presbyterian missionaries to China and Japan.

If you might be related to us, we'd love to hear from you. Send email to Adam at timesandseasons dot org.

My blogging interests are varied and I would love to receive suggestions or links on any of them at Adam at timesandseasons dot org. I am interested in

  • Deseret and pioneer history;
  • federalism;
  • space expansion;
  • gardening;
  • Mormonism and nature/environment;
  • Mormonism and law;
  • the role of law in shaping ethics and virtue;
  • abortion;
  • same-sex marriage, so called (SSM);
  • Adam and Eve and the Fall;
  • obedience and Abrahamic sacrifices;
  • traditional sexual mores;
  • traditional sex roles;
  • protecting the traditional family;
  • Mormonism and procreation;
  • manliness and patriarchy;
  • heroism, especially Mormon heroism;
  • Christ and the meaning of suffering;
  • Catholicism;
  • Social conservative politics;
  • ecumenicism and alliances among socially conservative faiths;
  • Sabbath observance;
  • tradition and culture, customs, organic growth, Burke;
  • Mormonism and the arts;
  • Literature, poetry, and science fiction/fantasy;
  • Visions of a Zion society and practical steps to achieve it;
  • Mythic history;
  • grieving, ancestry, and the dead.